Virginia Colwell

– Casa Wabi 2017

Community Project

Enriqueciendo los talleres de barro del primer encuentro – Fundación Casa Wabi
Resident Virginia Colwell proposed a series of techniques and tools to strengthen the pedagogy and practice of the mud workshops that are taught to primary and secondary school children who arrive at Casa Wabi.
She proposed the development of different essential tools for the workshop. Various photographs and images of works in clay from the art history of Mexico and other cultures were selected and printed. As well as images that portray the process of extraction, grinding, drying, and cooking of clay as practiced in the community of Zarca water. Finally, clay pieces were elaborated where it was exemplified and clarified the exercises that children must perform each time they attend the workshop.


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lives and works in Mexico City

Virginia Colwell was born in Beatrice Nebraska, and spent her childhood in Puerto Rico and Virginia. She did her undergraduate studies in fine art at Virginia Commonwealth University before moving to Barcelona, Spain to work with the Metropolis Masters Program in Architecture and Urban Studies.
Colwell has been an artist in residence with Beta Local in Puerto Rico, the Fountainhead Residency inMiami, and the multimedia art center, Hangar, in Barcelona. Her drawings, videos, sound art, and multimedia installations have been exhibited in the Center for Contemporary Art in Lithuania, the Hirschorn Museum in the United States, and the Félix Varela Cultural Center for the 12th Havana Biennale. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Leopold Schepp Foundation Fellowship, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Award, and the University Fellowship at The Ohio State University, and a grant from the Fundación Jumex.
She currently lives and works in Mexico City.
August 2017
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