Fundación Casa Wabi is a non-profit, civil association that fosters an exchange between contemporary art and local communities in three locations: Puerto Escondido, Mexico City, and Tokyo.

Our name originates from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which seeks beauty and harmony in the simple, the imperfect and the unconventional. Our mission is focused on forging social development through the arts, which we carry out through five key programs: residencies, exhibitions, clay, cinema, and mobile library.

Casa Wabi is located on the Pacific coast, 30 minutes from the Puerto Escondido´s airport. Set between the mountains and the sea, our headquarters have been designed by japanese architect Tadao Ando and under the initiative of Mexican artist Bosco Sodi. Our facilities include a multipurpose palapa, six separate bedrooms, two closed studios and six open studios, a screening room/ auditorium, a 450 m² exhibition gallery and various workspaces that make it an ideal place to recharge and interact with other artists.

Casa Wabi Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca, México)

Casa Wabi Sabino (México City, México)

Casa Nano (Tokyo, Japan)

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