SANGREE (Carlos Lara and Renñe Godinez)

– Casa Wabi 2023

Community Project

Through a physical and documentary investigation of archaeological remains from the region, the collective decided to be inspired by this topic to propose a clay workshop that would be inspired by the features of pre-Hispanic art. It was developed with students from High School #25 from the Río Grande community.


Untitled, 2023
44 x 44 x 42 cm
Low-temperature fired clay, river pearl, and recovered bottle caps from the Pacific Ocean.


México 1985 y 1986

SANGREE is a collaboration between René Godínez – Pozas (Mexico City, 1986) and Carlos Lara (Mexico City, 1985). They currently work between Mexico City and New York City.
They began collaborating in 2009 during their final year at La Esmeralda art school, producing a photography fanzine that bore the name SANGREE. This visual exploration of diverse topics such as nature, technology, popular culture, the cosmos, history, and more gradually transitioned to different mediums, giving rise to the creation of two ever expanding archives: one of photography and another of drawings. Both archives are continuously updated and are considered a bank of ideas from which various projects can emerge. The wide range of subjects they have explored for over a decade has led them to develop an interest in materiality and the use of various mediums, ranging from traditional techniques to handmade craftsmanship and large – scale architectural installations.
Their work has been exhibited in various galleries in Mexico and institutions such as the Tamayo Museum, the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, the University Museum of Chopo, the Contemporary Art Museum of Querétaro, and the University of Monterrey. They have also exhibited internationally at places like the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the Black Cube Nomadic Museum in Denver, Tufts University in Boston, and the Casa de México in Madrid, Spain, among others.
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