Rogelio Sosa

– Casa Wabi 2016

Community Project

Improvisación sonora – Centro de Estudios de Bachillerato Emiliano Zapata, Río Grande
The sound artist Rogelio Sosa conducted a sound improvisation workshop with high school students. Previously the basic concepts were explained, at a practical theoretical level of pitch, compass and metric.
The young participants were organized as a structured assembly with kitchen dishes, wooden boards and glass bottles, and improvised rhythmic compositions in different spaces of the house.


  • Sin Título (2016) Audio

Sin Título (2016)


Rogelio Sosa (Mexico City, 1977) is an experimental musician and sound artist. He is also a very active promoter of experimental music in Mexico. His work includes liveperformances, sound installations and electroacoustic compositions. By using a widerange of sound sources, electronic media and kinetic devices, his work explores soundmorphology, the intensification of the acoustic space, structures of auditory reference andperformativity.
He studied at the Ateliers UPIC and the IRCAM in Paris. He pursued a mastersdegree at the Paris 8 University.
He lives in Mexico City since 2004. He was sound art curator at the Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum (2003-2005), director of the Festival Radar (2007-2010) and member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte. Currently he is director of the Aural Festival.
His work has been presented in more than 40 cities of the world and is published by Sub Rosa, Important Records, Mode and lately by Bocian.
Sosa has been awarded by the National Fund for the Arts, FONCA (Mexico) in five occasions, and has received important prizes and distinctions such as SCRIMEElectroacoustic Music Prize (Bordeaux, France, 2000); the IMEB Electroacoustic MusicContest (Bourges, France, 2001), the Nuevas Resonancias Award (Mexico, 2001), the Russolo Electroacoustic Music Contest (Varese, Italy, 2002) and the EAR ElectroacousticMusic Contest (Budapest, Hungary, 2003) and the Visiones Sonoras Prize (Mexico, 2008). In 2000 he was awarded the National Youth Award for the Arts in Mexico.
October – november 2016

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