Jerónimo Rüedi

– Casa Wabi 2023

Community Project

Resident from september 4th to october 15th.


Resident from september 4th to october 15th.



Jerónimo Rüedi has been residing in Mexico City since 2015. He pursued his studies at Escola Massana in Barcelona, Spain. His pictorial process is closely intertwined with philosophy and meditation practice. Following John Cage’s dictate of stepping aside, Rüedi allows things to manifest by intervening as minimally as possible. His paintings can be understood as an attempt to observe cognition before crystallizing into thought; conception before language.

With an emphasis on change and impermanence, Rüedi’s paintings are in a constant state of becoming. Each painting is an emergence taking form. Each image suggests an attempt to capture smoke

In recent years, Rüedi has been an artist in residence at the Experimental Museum
El Eco, participated in the XVIII Biennial of Painting at the Tamayo Museum, and designed the set for Juan José Gurrola’s play “Jazz Palabra” (Casa del Lago, Mexico City / LA Theater Center, Los Angeles, California). His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca (MACO) and the Tamayo Museum. He has recently published two books, “The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of” (2017, ed.Macolen) and “Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously” (2020, Gato Negro Ediciones). Stemming from his growing interest in the relationship between image and language, both volumes complement and shed new light on his pictorial work.
He is one of the co-founders of Aeromoto, the public library of contemporary art and culture in Mexico City
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