Ilán Rabchinskey

– Casa Wabi 2016 – Casa NaNo 2019

Community Project

LA VITA Y EL VER – Centro de Estudios de Bachillerato Emiliano Zapata, Río Grande
Instant analog photography workshop that will deal mainly with raising awareness about the act of looking and the construction of reality.
Art as a search and self-knowledge tool. We will use a photographic format that is no longer produced (film “peel apart”) to sharpen the importance of choice and the discernment implicit in art.


  • Sin Título (2016) Carpeta de fotos

Sin Título (2016)
Carpeta de fotos


Lives and works in México City

Convexus Contemporary Ballet is an independent contemporary ballet project created in 2013 by Francisco Rojas, former dancer of the West Australian Ballet, Le Jeune Ballet de France and The National Dance Company with extensive international training.
Convexus is committed to the professionalism and joy of art through the production, training and innovation of contemporary ballet through two devices:
CONVEXUS COMPANY: New choreographic production of excellence
Ilán Rabchinskey was born in 1980 in Mexico City.
He has a BA in Media Studies by the Universidad Iberoamericana.
His work explores the tension between the forces of nature and the development of human civilization, the physical constitution of mater, and humanity’s relationship with itself and other forms of biological and material existence.
He has exhibited in Mexico, France, England, United States and Spain. His latest solo exhibitions were: Foundation Stone at Patricia Conde Galería (2016), Remolino de Tierra at Ediciones Acapulco (2014) and El Medio Terrestre at Museo Archivo de la Fotografía CDMX (2012).
In 2015 he was awarded the FONCA (National Endowment for the Arts) Young Creators Grant and in 2006 he was recipient of the Cultural Projects and Co-investments Development Program, awarded by the same institution.
He is the author of Yo’tan K’op Corazón de la Palabra (Yo’tan K’op Heart of the Word) and Remolino de Tierra (Whirlwind of Earth), published respectively by Trilce, INAH, CONACULTA and Ediciones Acapulco.
He has received a few awards and has published his work in numerous books and magazines.
He currently lives and works in Mexico City where he teaches a philosophy of photography class and prepares El Medio Terrestre, a soon to be published photobook with text by writer Mario Bellatín.
September 2016

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