Ernesto Solana

– casa wabi 2018

Community Project

Taller de educación ambiental – Alumnos de la primaria General Ignacio Zaragoza, Cacalote
The objective of the project was to sensitize the participants about the problem of garbage that contaminates our beaches, the extension of animal and plant species, and a joint effort to care for the environment.
During the first encounter, a walk was made along the beach of Casa Wabi to recognize garbage and natural elements such as stones, shells, and wood. There was a group discussion about the ecological problems that unleash garbage on our coasts and objects’ collection.
Children were invited to make an installation mixing natural and waste elements. During the second meeting, Ernesto showed images of extinct animals and others in danger of extinction to the participants,the risk of losing the species of our ecosystem was discussed, and each child chose one of these animalsto reproduce them in clay.


  • Hummingbird Tail (Totemic Studies) (2018) Fotografía 54 x 43.5 cm21.3 x 17.1 in

Hummingbird Tail (Totemic Studies) (2018)
54 x 43.5 cm21.3 x 17.1 in


Ernesto Solana (b. 1985, Guadalajara) lives and works in Mexico City, through photography, sculpture, and installations, Solana ́s work embodies the complexities of what is natural and artificial, particularly in the peripheral and suburban landscapes that often go overlooked. Solana ́s proposition of a multispecies perspective extends the conversation beyond human boundaries, inviting us to see the landscape as an extension of ourselves. His work delves into the themes of extinction, scientific collections, AnArchival practices and the impact of anthropocentric activities on the planet, reminding us of our interconnectedness with all living things and the urgent need for a deeper understanding of our place within the ecological communities.
Solana recently showcased his solo exhibition Instituto de la Neoprehistoria: Capitulo II at the Guachimontones Archaeological Site in Teuchitlan, Mexico and has been featured in group exhibitions such as Eje Neovolcánico at Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City, As to Be Inaudible at C/O Berlin, Berlin (curated by Jörg Colberg), Transatlantico at Mana Contemporary, New Jersey, Memory Shop at Casa Wabi, Puerto Escondido (curated by Nicolás Bourriaud), and Entre Irse y Quedarse at Palace Enterprise in Copenhagen. He has also published a book, Systema Artificialis, in which he examines the consequences of the Anthropocene and new forms of relationship between humanity and nature. Solana holds a diploma in Forest and Wildlife Conservation, a photography degree from the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York, and an MFA in Photography from the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut.
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