Courtney Smith + Iván Navarro

– casa wabi 2018

Community Project

Paradero / Caras y Cruces – El Venado / Zapotal / Río Grande / CW
The main idea of the project was to perform two performances with people from the different communities with which the foundation works and who are allies or participants of the community projects that were carried out in June 2018.
The fisherwomen from the Zapotalito, to professors and students of different schools of Rio Grande, del Venado and Agua Zarca who participated in the community workshops of the residents; Andrea Bores, Vanderlei Lopes, Diego Muhr and Mauricio Rico, as well as staff of Casa Wabi and of the community projects.
The two performances carried out revolved around establishing social relationships within limited environments and at specific times and seeing how behaviors, conversations and moods change under different circumstances.
The first performance was made within a wooden structure that limited the movement of the participants, forcing them to live with those around them, while other attendees played musical instruments to fill the designated time of socialization with music.
The second performance was held at the main table of the house where a dinner was served with the residents and participants but with the limitation of not being able to move from the assigned place or to leave the table.
All the places and roles that each member played were randomly designated.


Sin Título (2018)
Estructura de madera y tuercas

France + Chile

live and work together between New York and Rio de Janeiro

Courtney Smith (Paris 1966) and Ivan Navarro (Santiago de Chile 1972), live and work together between New York and Rio de Janeiro. Both artists have their roots in Sculpture, work fuses their plastic languages n experimental actions. After years of sporadic collaborations, in 2014 both artists formed the Konantü project as another category within their artistic practices. Konantü’s works are participatory and timed, in the form of social interactions guided and designed from a restrictive structure. Within a demarcated field, the participants negotiate the given terms, both physical and conceptual, perform rituals of exchange and reciprocity to create a constructive collectivity.
Since 2014, the works of Konantü take place in different spaces, some improvised as in workshops and vacant buildings, galleries and institutions. Among his recent projects are: The Ring produced by LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Devision), Los Angeles, USA; Patria Ley Dios during the HAWAPI residence in Tacna, Peru; Cuadrilla de Yungay produced by the Fundación Siemens in Santiago, Chile; The Music Room I, Book Fair, PS1-MOMA, New York, USA; Standing Room y Nadie sabe para quien trabaja in Brooklyn, USA. They were co-authors of the Uirapuru exhibitions at the Goethe-Institut in Nairobi and The Construction of Volumetric Interrelationships at Baró Galeria in São Paulo.
They are currently working on a new project that will be presented at the Chicago Manuel Style space in September of this year. In 2016 Ediciones Popolet published the book Konantü: Courtney Smith & Iván Navarro that compiles a selection of their projects carried out between 2006 and 2016.
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