Colectivo Amasijo

– Casa Wabi 2021

Community Project

Cuánto Cuesta Un Kilo De Tortilla – San Martín Caballero, Agua Zarca, Cacalote y San Isidro Llano Grande
The Amasijo project consisted of the elaboration of a study that presents the synthesis of information gathered during several prospecting trips to different communities near the foundation, in order to know the traditional ways of feeding the inhabitants of the coast, through of the voice of women.
After one of interviews, exploration of home gardens, food preparation sessions and contact with local producers of food supplies, they were able to create a map that interlinks Casa Wabi with the different communities in which the collective worked and thus develop a route in which the foundation can make strategic alliances to strengthen local commerce and rescue women’s knowledge about traditional food with local inputs.


  • Sin titulo (2021)

Sin titulo (2021)


Lives and works in México City

We integrated Colectivo Amasijo in 2019 in Mexico City, we are a group of women of different ages, backgrounds and territories.
We understand that through collective cooking we can take care of the territory, the relationships and ourselves. We believe that by celebrating diversity and trusting cycles, we can rethink (ourselves) the culture of scarcity. To achieve this, we listen non-dominant narratives, narratives of those close to the ground. This listening to us helps measure the real cost of climate change and show us the way to regeneration of the land and relationships.
Making the interdependence of language, culture and territory visible is a daily act of our collective to understand food as a network of interrelations and not as mere commodity. We are interested in de-hierarchizing knowledge and re-integrating doings and knowledge that are blurred. Our work is carried out through different platforms: performances in spaces public, actions / celebrations in cultural spaces, workshops and processes of investigation. We are a jumble of various professions: economics, cooking, literature, dancer, cultural biology, we are all seeders, seeders of diversity.
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