Chavis Mármol

– Casa Wabi 2019

Community Project

Una, tres y más Sillas – Primaria “Miguel Hidalgo”, Hidalgo
The community project consisted of a series of workshops for the students of Hidalgo Elementary School in the municipality of Tultepec, over three sessions the students of third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade carried out a series of exercises that involved using the body as a creation tool.
Through the dance and some sculptural processes, the boys made molds of their hands using mud, later they took out the positive figure by emptying it in plaster. The objective of the project was to generate an experience, a moment of play and recreation, a pause in everyday life to unleash creativity.


  • Sin Título (2019) Banco de barro cocido

Sin Título (2019)
Banco de barro cocido


Lives and works in Mexico City

Chavis Mármol (1982) Like many primates domesticated in a bourgeois middle class environment, he studied a university career in arts, later a master’s degree in that area, but his true talents have developed directly in the workshop, the ability to solve technical problems, In addition to the wise use of tools and extensive knowledge in materials, they have allowed him to produce intellectually sharp, politically critical, but above all, fun works of art. In this sense, more than being a painter, sculptor, or draftsman, Chavis prepares cocktails of ideas, techniques and concepts to accompany a present lacking clarity and meaning.
Lives and works in Mexico City.
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