Alejandra Venegas

– Casa Wabi 2018

Community Project

Mexican artist Alejandra Venegas developed a workshop titled “practical pictorial experimentation Workshops” which 13 students from highschool of Agua Zarca participated during 3 sessions.

The main idea of the workshop was to make the paticipants get familiar with the pictorial expression of big formats through the free use of materials and techniques to represent landscapes with several painting and drawing exercises.

The workshop developed in a ludic way where paticipants were able to play in any way they wanted with the materials and the exercises, painting with the left hand, using their fingers to paint, making stains, intervining in the paintigs theit schoolmates, all this in order that their understand that everything is valid in painting and in art, that the creative process is fed in very different ways. In the end, each participant took home their works produced in the workshop.

“I think we all learned from everyone, the children learned a lot from their capabilities, that they have them at the beginning but they don´t stop to question them, I think the workshop brought to light an energy was off and the art has the capability to make shine. (…) It was a great learning, in my case I had never worked with children and I opened a lot the vision to freedom or freedom that art offers, specifically the painting. “Alejandra Venegas.

“I learned that we must visualize each object in a different way, to give him light to the things we drawing, I liked everything!” Axel Aldair Rojas Ventura (13 years old).


  • Sin Título (2018) Bitácora diaria de su estancia en libreta Moleskine y acuarela 20 x 13 cm

Daily log of her stay in Moleskine notebook and watercolor
20 x 13 cm


Mexico City, 1986

My work is pictorial and I experiment with different techniques and materialities. I am also interested in working in different formats and media.
I grew up in a mountainous town in the suburbs of Mexico City. This landscape has been changing due to urban growth and I have meticulously observed and documented the reordering process of the natural elements. My works play with these landscapes, memories and mental images suspended in time.
I work from simple elements, lines, geometric and organic forms that move within the compositional space and create a concrete language in evolution. I want the painting to be dynamic and spontaneous, generating the possibility of relating to the world that surrounds me through a sensitive experience.

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