Ricardo Alcaide

– Casa Wabi 2019

Community Project

Los Cuatro Elementos/Atardecer – Profesores de telesecundaria/Staff Casa Wabi/Padres de familia de Escuela Primaria “Lázaro Cárdenas” las Negras
I arrived at Casa Wabi without preconceived ideas or any project in mind. My intention was to feel the space and surroundings, meet people from the local communities, and find possibilities to explore and share what was worth it.
Shortly after my arrival, I was influenced by the architecture and the overwhelming presence of nature, the powerful sea and it’s sound, the wind, the earth, the sunrises, and igneous sunsets, which inspired me to work around the idea of the Four Elements.
So I started my first project, created to bring together several members of different communities in Casa Wabi, to experience a sensory activity based on mindfulness: a two-hour activity, guided by the awareness of the present moment to concentrate, one by one in the perception of air, water, earth, and fire to increase the creative abilities of each individual, maintaining moment by moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surroundings. We conducted several sessions and the response was more optimistic than I had anticipated, and I felt great happiness at the end of each session.
Then, in the middle of my residence, I heard that the Las Negras community’s primary school was looking for intervention on its facade. For me, it was fascinating, and it was the perfect complementary project, something I had wanted to do for a long time, improve the visual aspect of a place, in this case, a mural on which you could execute ideas of color and shape. The process was quick once I visited the school: I drew the idea in a few minutes, almost instinctively, as if I already knew what I had to do, even if the facade was not easy. We presented the idea to the school principal and parents, who became involved with the idea, and immediately began preparing and organizing. It was very exciting when the parents showed up with great enthusiasm on the last day of painting with trays, buckets, rollers, and brushes.
We worked together for a few hours and finished earlier than I had thought, a joyful afternoon, a project made for the school carried out by them. I was so happy with the final result, and especially for them.
Working at Casa Wabi, and with the communities, was an extraordinary experience. In the end, I had the opportunity to work on two different projects with local communities, and I met many remarkable people. I was pleased to see that the projects had something in common; they were inspired by the four
elements and the natural forces of the surroundings, where the sunsets played an essential role in the aesthetic decisions. Both projects were aligned with the idea of minimalism and Zen principles dictated by the architecture and philosophy of the Wabi House.


  • Atardecer (2019) Seis ladrillos de barro cocido con pintura vinílica

  • Listen (2019) Placa de barro cocido con leyenda “LISTEN”

Atardecer (2019)
Seis ladrillos de barro cocido con pintura vinílica

Listen (2019)
Placa de barro cocido con leyenda “LISTEN”


Lives and works in Sao Paulo Brasil

Ricardo Alcaide’s work derives from an acute and intuitive perception of the socio-spatial dynamics of the different cities he has lived in. Born in Caracas and having lived for fourteen years in London, he is currently based in São Paulo. All of these distinct urban and social contexts provided him with a rich language that has continuously informed his artistic practice over the years.
Despite working on his pieces in the studio, most of his work often starts-off from a direct connection to the experience of his urban surroundings. The resulting pieces move away from a predefined comprehension, mainly because the artist reworkstheir formal qualities to the limit of abstraction. With this maneuver he simultaneously widens the array of possible interpretations and creates a sense of déjà vuthat throws us back to the visual vocabulary and bodily experience we have inherited from the streets. While the criteria might be variable, the common thread behind all of these choices is the artist’s discerning eye and instinct that prioritize those elements in which he perceives a hidden second ontology allied with a sculptural, pictorial and/or architectural potential.
Recent exhibitions include Sunset, von Bartha, S-chanf; Presque Rien, Geukens & de Vil Contemporary Art, Antwerp;Nunca fuimos contemporáneos, XIII Bienal Femsa, Zacatecas; Plano Futuro, Lurixs Arte Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro;The cave wall was always there, Galeria Pelaires, Palma de Mallorca. Geometria em Síntese, Simoes de Assis Galeria, Sao Paulo.Change Of Matter, LAMB Arts Gallery, London. Ricardo Alcaide, von Bartha, Basel; Down The Line, Johannes Vogt gallery, New York; Monochrome Undone SPACE, SAYAGO & Pardon Collection, Irvine, California; Informal Order, Projeto SITU, Galeria Leme, São Paulo; Bienal Tridimensional Internacional do Rio TRIO, Centro Cultural banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro; Not Much Further, Aroniz Arte Contemporáneo. México City; One Phenomenon Among Others, Baró Galeria, Sāo Paulo; Concrete Fictions, New Art Project gallery, London. His work is included in numerous public and private collections around the world, including Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas, Caracas. Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Museo de Arte do Rio MAR, Rio de Janeiro, Sayago & Pardon Latinamerican Art Collection, Irvine, California and Zabludowicz Collection, London.
Ricardo Alcaide is represented by von Bartha Basel, Johannes Vogt in New York and SIM galeriain São Paulo.
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