Rafaela Kennedy

– casa wabi 2022

Community Project

Through an immersion in the coastal territory surrounding Casa Wabi, Kennedy engages and builds relationships with trans women. Through interviews and conversations, she begins to understand their realities, and together they create images based on their desires and identities.

The purpose of San Travesti de la Costa was to create a sense of belonging through the artistic process of photography, drawing from their own stories and those of their communities, while also expanding and sharing knowledge about the trans movement. In an exercise of visibility, the resulting images were printed and exhibited in Puerto Escondido and at Casa Wabi.



currently lives in Sao Paulo

Rafaela Kennedy was born in Amazona, Brasil in 1994 and currently lives in Sao Paulo. Her photographic work focuses on the denaturalization of the no presence of trans identities, in favour of memories not linked to fetichization and violence in their portraits.
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