Diego Borrel + TANAT

August 19 – January 7, 2024
Casa Wabi Sabino
Dried horizons,

of delirious promises
of draining works
of rubble hauling from earthquakes,
before cathedrals, before temples,
before stones from some volcano.

These are memories,
of continuous uprooting
of a city,
over a city,
over a landscape.

These horizons are now omens of abandon,

and silence,

and rain,

and a melancholic time that never stops transforming.


Bats, flowering shrubs
arise from the silence
of some concrete caves,
through waters that flood
the dreams of a past;

the impermanent space.

Asphalt is now the depth
of a lake with memory
that floods

layer upon layer

the stories of whims
visible in the plaster of the walls

It was a city of fire
the one that consumed,
the landscape and its water
through its reasons of existence.


Of this time, my face seeks its reflection on the earth’s ground.

Del Tiempo is an exhibition conceptualized and produced by Diego Rivero Borrell in collaboration with TANAT; Mariana Estrada, Triana Lamasney, Ana Paulina Navarrete, and Daniel Pereira.

Curator: Alberto Ríos de la Rosa
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